SUN TELECOMMUNICATION (Sun Telecom)は、1989年設立の光ファイバー通信の設計・製造業者で、近年は高出力のレーザー分野にも進出。

製品 – products

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お勧め製品 – Recommended products


Used for locating broken point in fibers
Equipped with a 650nm visible laser diode
Operated in continuous or pulse modes for clear noticeable results
Operating mode shown by the Status LED indicator
Battery power turned on/off by the power switch on the end
Clip pocket-size pen design

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Easy operation,
High accuracy and resolution,
Wide power measurement range, Wide wavelength range
Operator self-calibration function
“Ref” setting enabling the Operator to retrieve and display the measurement that has been stored as a reference.
Link loss test result obtained automatically without any manual calculation
New data acquisition technology to ensure optimum signal-noise ratio
Bare fiber tip to realize power measurement with bare fiber
Data transfer to a PC via RS232 communication port as well as data storage automatically.




High temperature stability
Good exchangeability
Good Durability
Low insertion loss and back reflection loss



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Very long battery life
Low power consumption
Auto-power off
Palm-size, light weight
Easy to use


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Both PC and APC end face inspection
Built-in infrared attenuation filter for safety and reliability
Momentary on/off switch control
Precise focal length adjustment


その他 -Solutions

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