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1064nm Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter


Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter – 1064nm
Parameters Values
Operating wavelength 1064 +/-20nm
Insertion loss <0.8dB
Extinction ratio for splitter >22dB >25dB >28dB
Return loss >50dB
Max. optical power (CW) 500mW
Max. tensile load 5N
Fiber type port 1 and 2 PM 980 panda fiber 
Fiber type port 3 HI1060 or PM panda fiber 
Light path for combiner port1 slow axis->port3 slow axis,
port2 slow axis ->port3 fast axis
Light path for splitter port3 slow axis->port1 slow axis,
port3 fast axis ->port2 slow axis
Operation temperature -5 to +70°C
Storage temperature -40 to +85°C

Note1: Values specified are without connector loss. IL will be higher, RL and ER will be lower with connectors.
Note2: The PM fiber and the connector key are aligned to the slow axis.
Note3: Specifications are subject to change without notice.